Endgame Holidays are Here!

Endgame is excited to announce that we’ll be running some fun and educational programs over the Christmas Holidays and into the New Year!

Each week we have a different program running, check out what we have below!
As well as our programs, we have a new service for the Christmas season, called Drop and Shop

Casual gaming will be available all holidays, however, to secure your spot we advise booking in advance. 

Holiday Hours

Our opening hours during School Holidays (starting 11/12/2023 and finishing 20/01/2024) will be 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Saturday, with Sunday for bookings only. 

Feel free to come in and game any time during those hours, and if you’re not sure if we have seats just give us a call!

We will be closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Drop and Shop

We understand that sometimes you need a break from the kids. Thankfully, we’re introducing the perfect tool.

This new package allows full access to all of our services at endgame – PC Freeplay, Console Gaming, and our VR experience. The kids just can’t get bored!
With hourly pricing, drop the kids and have some peace and quiet.
Walk-ins are always welcome, but we recommend booking to ensure your spot. Find out more here.

What will you pluck out of the realm of ideas?

Allow your kids to express their creativity whilst developing their spatial skills in our 2-day 3D Printing and Design workshop!

In this two-day boot camp, the kids will learn how to bring their 3D creations to life – and put them on the Christmas tree! We’ll be using TinkerCAD, a free online 3D design tool, that they can continue using at home and at school.

Once the designs have been printed, the kids will then prepare to paint and detail them, to ultimately take home their creations!

Christmas Cards

Make this year the year that your kids give back to you – a well-crafted and thoughtful personalised Christmas Card! 

Over the course of 3 hours, your kid will learn how to use Canva, a professional yet easy-to-use design tool with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Once they’re comfortable, we’ll unleash their creativity to make the most unique and organic Christmas Cards you’ll ever see, no doubt rife with inside jokes and deep meaning. 

Feel free to send us an email or give us a USB with a special image that you might want included in the card! Each session is identical, so we’d recommend you only book both if you’re looking to make multiple Christmas Cards.

Minecraft Christmas!

Friday will be one of the most fun days of the entire year – a special Endgame Esports Christmas event in Minecraft. We’ll have many different fun activities, from Bingo to Capture the Flag, and many more. Be sure to get dressed in your best Christmas clothes – get ready to have a good time!

Enjoy your Week

We hope that you really enjoy Christmas time with your family, and create some memories to be cherished.

Endgame will be closed on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, to reopen on Boxing Day and stay open until New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day.

Racing Robots!

Help your kid become a premier roboticist by starting them on the right track: the race track. This 2-day course is designed to introduce the basics of robotics and coding under the tutelage of our resident engineering nerds. 

Using the fun little mBots, and the accompanying tool mBlock, the kids will be tasked with the goal of getting the robot through an obstacle course. To be successful, they’ll have to solve for basic movement, line following, obstacle avoidance, and other surprises. 

mBlock is a simple block-based drag-and-drop coding tool that serves as a perfect introduction to the world of coding and sequential logic.

Every kid’s dream

Due to popular demand, Endgame will be running 2 days of Game Design!

Jack, our in-house game design expert, will walk the kids through the world of digital design and game development using Unity, a 3D game design software tool. They’ll learn the basics of 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, scripting, and so on. 

Each session is independent, but feel free to book both if you want continued advice from Jack about an ongoing project.

Fortnite Face-off II

If your kid thinks they’re an Elite Fortnite player, or maybe even a Champion, it’s time for them to see if they can become Unreal. On the 12th of January 2024, we’ll be holding a 2-hour competition starting at 2pm to see who the best really is! 

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd – more details will be given on the day. You’re welcome to come early to get settled in and warm up. 

Mining, and perhaps Crafting?

For the last week of the holidays, we’ve gone for something we all love.

These last sessions are designed to encourage creativity, teamwork, and communication through a common passion: Minecraft. Run by our super-experienced mentor, Tania, everyone’s going to be going on adventures, trying to solve mazes, racing to complete bingo boards, and more.

Join us for a fun day of exploring, learning, and making friends!

We don’t provide lunches due to the 3-hour session length, but we do have snacks and drinks that you can buy on-site.

Endgame recommends that you bring a packed lunch if necessary, and a water bottle.

DO NOT bring any food that contains nuts or may have traces of nuts, as a large percentage of attendees have anaphylactic allergies.

Please email us in advance if your kid has any allergies beyond nuts.

The youngest a child can be and still meaningfully participate in our courses is around 7, but anyone older (even a grandparent, with a bit of help) can fully engage in our content.

We do not have the facilities to properly care for any child younger than 5, neither for casual Shop and Drop nor any of our programs. 

During drop-off, we’ll have a sign-in/sign-out form to keep track of both attendance and custody.

If you plan on having someone else pick them up (whether it be mum, dad, grandma, or support worker) please let us know as you drop them off.

Endgame has everything needed for the programs being run here. The only things you need to bring are a water bottle and yourself!

No worries! Email us at info@endgameesports.com.au or call us at 0731 594 996 during business hours to ask us.

You can even message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP.