Thanks for coming to the Parents Information Evening – Webinar and Q&A – Technology and Parenting with Dr Matt O’Connor

Post Event Summary

Thank you all for joining us (both online and in person) at Endgame for this unique, free, parent-evening, with our guest speaker, Dr Matt O’Connor – clinical and school psychologist, and Director of Brisbane-based psychology clinic for young people and parents, Connected Counselling & Consultancy.


If you missed the event or want to watch it again, it’s available on the ConnectED Counselling and Consultancy Facebook page:


Dr Matt discussed some of the challenges of parenting in a online world. We learnt some fun facts about the scale and proliferation of technology, and some ideas and tips on how to navigate technology-use, which most parents agree is one of the most stressful aspects of their parenting.

About Dr Matt O'Connor

Dr Matt is a Clinical and school psychologist, Director of Brisbane-based psychology clinic for families – ConnectEd Counselling and Consultancy – as well as a sought-after presenter and educator. While Dr Matt’s education and experience is significant, it is his unique presenting style that is his true defining feature. He takes complex and challenging concepts and shares them with audiences in a dynamic, engaging and very relatable way.

He has been described as the “Easy-Going Expert” because of how he brings humour, humanity and hope to the topics he presents on.Dr Matt has delivered hundreds of presentations around Australia to corporate organisations (e.g. Suncorp, University of Queensland, Griffith University), not-for-profits (e.g. TEDx,, Amnesty International, Batyr), conferences (e.g. International Conference on Youth Mental Health, International Mental Health Conference, Australian Psychologists and Counsellors in Schools Conference), schools, health professionals, parents and the general public. Topics often include parenting, mental health and wellbeing, technology and young people, and supporting our children to flourish. In addition to his role as a psychologist and presenter, Dr Matt is also an internationally recognised academic. his work is being translated into 40 languages and cited over 750 times.

The most important role Dr Matt has, though, is as a dad to his toddler. As a parent, often presenting on parenting, Dr Matt has been grateful to be a part of the same journey he communicates about (and no, he is not a perfect parent either!). He happily recognises the role that ‘the village’ plays in us all supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people and families and is proud of the contribution he can make to this.