Inaugural Endgame 2023 Summer Slam competitions

Open to all ages, and all skill levels.

Coming from a background of competitive basketball and football, and now with children who are also interested in gaming, the operators of Endgame are bringing the community soccer club vibe, to the world of eSports. This is not PRO eSports; participation, social engagement, and teamwork is the goal!

We’re inviting players and/or team nominations for our inaugural competitions.

Our 1st Summer Slam season will run for 6 weeks during School Term 1 2023 (1st games in Week 5 of term 2).

There will be 2 eSports titles running for this season. Valorant, and Fortnite.

Here’s what you need to know and do.

STEP 1: Expression of Interest (not required)

If you are interested in participating in the competition but want to learn more about it before signing up, please feel free to give us a call or come and visit the store and we will be happy to talk you through the process.

STEP 2: Player Registration (Formal Registration & Payment of $86 Annual Competitions Fee)

This step must be completed by Sunday 12 February.

Complete the Endgame Esports 2023 Annual Competition Registration and pay the 2023 Endgame Annual Competitions Fee of $86. This must be completed before signing on to the competition.

This 2023 Annual Competition Registration Fee provides the participant;

– Endgame eSports competition T-shirt (valued of $39)

– Access to registration in any competitions with Endgame throughout 2023

– Endgame coordination and management of all competitions

– 32GB USB Flash Drive to utilise for gameplay recording and review

– Endgame Esports venue Casual Hourly Gaming registration fee (note, if this is already paid for, then we will provide a $20 Endgame Credit to the participant)

STEP 3: Summer Slam Competition Sign-On (Formal Sign-On & Payment of $20 / week or $120 total 6 week summer slam fee)

For the 6 weeks of competition, the $20 / week fee ($120 for full Summer Slam season) the participant receives:

– 1 x Facilitated Competition match per week (estimated to take 45 to 75 minutes) on a Thursday or Friday afternoon / evening. Conducted at the Endgame eSports Venue @ 32 Sumners Road, Sumner.

– 1 hour of professional coaching with your team (Coach provided by Endgame eSports) and can be conducted at the Endgame eSports Venue, or from home (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evening coaching slots available).

– Supervision, management & refereeing of competition matches on our top shelf gaming computers.

– End of season trophy for the winning team.