Shop ‘n’ Drop

Need some time to go Christmas shopping and get those perfect gifts without a child underfoot or fear of something delicate being broken or them accidentally seeing a wonderful gift or you simply want a much-needed coffee break?

That’s where Drop and Shop comes in. We’ll entertain them with what they love most, while you enjoy your time at the shops (maybe Mt Ommaney, maybe further afield) or even relax at home.

For $20/hour, the lucky child gets to enjoy all that we have to offer: High-end PC gaming, both an XBox Series X and a PS5, and the immersive world of Virtual reality, all the while being supervised by Endgame staff.

But wait, if you have 2 or more kids, everyone after the first can stay for just $10/hour! The minimum stay duration is 1 hour, but in our experience, you’ll have to drag them out kicking and screaming!