We understand (really, we do!) that sometimes you need a little break from your beloved kids – just a few hours of peace and quiet. 

That’s where Drop and Shop comes in. We’ll entertain the young ones with what they love most, while you enjoy your time at the shops (maybe Mt Ommaney, maybe further afield) or even at home. 

For $25/hour, the lucky kid gets to enjoy all that we have to offer: High-end PC gaming, both an XBox Series X and a PS5, and the immersive world of Virtual reality, all the while being supervised by Endgame staff.

But wait, if you have 2 or more kids, everyone after the first can stay for just $15/hour! The minimum stay duration is 1 hour, but in our experience, you’ll have to drag them out kicking and screaming!

Starting April 2nd, we’ll be open every weekday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

We don’t provide lunches for Drop and Shop, but we do have snacks and drinks that you can buy on-site.

Endgame recommends that you bring a packed lunch if necessary, and a water bottle.

DO NOT bring any food that contains nuts or may have traces of nuts, as a large percentage of attendees have anaphylactic allergies.

Please email us in advance if your kid has any allergies beyond nuts.

The youngest we can properly care for is about 5-6 years old.

Whenever you bring your kid in, we’ll have a simple sign-in/sign-out sheet for you to sign.

If you plan on having someone else pick them up (whether it be mum, dad, grandma, or support worker) please let us know as you drop them off.

No worries! Email us at info@endgameesports.com.au or call us at 0731 594 996 during business hours to ask us.

You can even message us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP.