Minecraft Holiday Program

Responding to requests from parents in the local community, Endgame is running a Holiday program for younger players using Minecraft Education Edition.

With a number of schools introducing Minecraft in the classroom, we’re trying to give our younger and newer players a leg up, by introducing some of the foundational parts of the game, while also showing the fun that can be had with Minecraft education.

We will be running 2 days of Minecraft Education Edition mentoring with sessions held from 9am to 1pm on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th of April. Parents are welcome to drop and go, or stay and watch the kids play, with the sessions being tailored to suit the age and skill level of individual participants, but broadly suiting beginners and younger players.

Our Minecraft Mentor, Tania, is a former Primary School Teacher of 20 years, and recently worked for Hypixel (the largest Minecraft Server in the world!) for 4 and a half years. Her focus was on community management, creating both a safe environment and positive gameplay experience for players. She loves teaching and playing the game.

Participants will be provided with the ability to explore the Minecraft Education world, and undertake facilitated activities within the safe environment of a locally hosted server on the Endgame premises. 

Our mentor will provide participants with guidance, facilitated activities, and support, to help introduce and build skills within the Minecraft Education Edition program. The beauty of Minecraft is that it allows and enables inclusivity and diversity in the ways in which anyone can play; be it building bases and forts, fighting monsters, creating a magnificent mine or embarking on an epic journey with others.

The Discord and Minecraft server used in the sessions will be locally hosted on the premises, accessed only by the mentors and the clinic participants. Our aim is to encourage inclusivity, teamwork, and positive social experiences in the world of PC gaming!